The curriculum at IIS Sharjah is designed to provide a well-rounded education, incorporating a structured blend of subjects, value education, and specialized studies, fostering students’ holistic development and academic excellence.

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Montessori Philosophy is a holistic approach to education that recognizes the Absorbent Mind of children between 3 and 6 years old, their Sensitive Periods for learning, and the Human Tendencies guiding their development. The key principles emphasize freedom within a structured environment, promoting independence, self-discipline, and concentration. The philosophy values the child’s connection with reality and nature, fosters appreciation for beauty and aesthetics, and encourages social awareness within mixed-age groups. Order and routine provide a stable learning environment, respecting each child’s individuality and recognizing sensitive periods for optimal learning.


Montessori Education Method

Montessori materials are integral to the learning process, allowing children to learn through hands-on experiences and self-correction. These materials are designed to be self-correcting, enabling children to independently identify and correct their mistakes. Montessori educators observe each child's interests and developmental level, guiding them towards appropriate activities that suit their unique learning needs. Overall, the Montessori approach emphasizes the partnership between child, parent, and teacher, creating a supportive and collaborative learning environment.

Our Curriculum

The primary stage (Grades 1-5) includes subjects like English, Maths, EVS, GK, Computer Studies, Art & Craft, and UAE Social Studies. Arabic is compulsory from Grade 1, and value education is emphasized through Islamic studies and Moral Science. In the middle stage (Grades 6-8), students develop learning skills, and science is divided into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, while Social studies is categorized into History, Geography, and Civics. In the secondary stage (Grades 9-10), students prepare for the All India Secondary School Examination or CBSE Board Examination, adapting to changes in the examination pattern with seriousness.

Curriculum Senior Secondary

As per the CBSE

Curriculum Primary (1-5)

In this stage, a structured curriculum includes subjects, optional vernacular languages, compulsory Arabic from Gr.1, and emphasizes value education through Islamic studies, Moral Science, and UAE Social Studies.

Curriculum Middle (6 to 8)

Children's learning skills are bloomed to seek knowledge and to develop understanding at this stage of education. Science is categorized Into three separate subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Similarly, Social studies is divided Into History, Geography and Civics.

Curriculum Secondary (9 to 10)

These two years fortify the students for All India Secondary School Examination or CBSE Board Examination. Registration for the examination Is done In Grade . Changes in the pattern of Examination by the CBSE are adapted with seriousness.

Quality Education

At India International School, Sharjah, the dedication to delivering quality education is evident through its focus on fostering holistic development and instilling a passion for learning in all its students.

 Positive learning environment

Positive learning environment

India International School, Sharjah, cultivates a positive learning environment that encourages curiosity, creativity, and a sense of belonging among its students.

Learning program after-school

Learning program after-school

India International School, Sharjah, offers a comprehensive and enriching after-school learning program to further enhance students' academic and extracurricular skills.