IIS expects that student will...

   Bring school Log Book daily. Wear ID card at all the times.

   Speak only in English within the school premises and in school buses.

   Attend school daily in proper school uniform and be smartly dressed at all times, with short trimmed hair for boys & double plaited hair for girls.

   Not colour the hair & not keep fancy hair style.

   Maintain the personal cleanliness and hygiene.

   Attempt all tasks (Assignment/Projects/Homework) to the best of his/her ability.

   Behave in proper, cordial and acceptable manner.

   Respect the rights of others and avoid disturbing or interrupting the class.

   Greet teachers, other members of staff and all visitors with due respect.

   Adhere to rules governing travel on the bus.

   Keep the classroom and school premises clean and tidy all the times.

   Walk quietly and orderly in the corridors when changing the classrooms or moving to the playground.

   Respect the school property and others property.

   Not bring playthings, magazines, periodicals, electronic gadgets like CDs, USB, mobile phone, camera etc. to the school.

   Don't wear smart watches.

   Not involve in graffiti (Scribbling) on the walls, desks, seats of buses etc.

   Not indulge in bullying, ragging or other violent activities.

   Not leave the school campus without prior permission from concerned authorities.

   Not exchange any articles or money with any student or school staff.

Note: Any unacceptable behaviour may result in disciplinary actions involving suspension or even dismissal from the school.


   The use of School Transport is a privilege and not a right.

   There will not be any concession for one way use of bus.

   Student will be picked up and dropped at the common bus stop, which will be designated by the school authority.

   Child should be accompanied by an adult to help him/her to board the bus or drop in the school at morning and wait to receive him/her in the afternoon at bus stop.

   In case of change in residence or pick up point, a written permission from the Transport Incharge/Principal is to be obtained well in advance. Temporary change of bus stop and temporary discontinuation of bus facility will not be entertained.

   Student must reach their designated stops before time. Bus will not wait for late comers.

   Student should board the bus in a queue and occupy the seats immediately after boarding the bus.

   Student should stay in their assigned seat and should not lean out of the bus window.

   Shrieking, shouting and unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited. No Student is allowed to eat in the bus.

   Students will be responsible for any damage to buses caused by their negligence or vandalism.

   Early dispersal of bus transport students is not permitted during the last half an hour.

   Discontinuation of School Transport facility should be informed to the concerned authority minimum three months in advance.


   Only authorised person will be allowed to pick the students from the respective blocks.

   The authorised person should produce ID proof, whenever asked.

   Change in the pickup person should be informed.

   Walker should bring letter from parent.


   In case of any absence parents are expected to make an entry in the leave record section of this log book.

   Student who are unable to attend the school for more than three days should give a written application in the given format well in advance for the approval of the Principal.