About India International School

IIS is credited with revolutionary concept of early child hood education, the firm and broad foundation for entire education is given much prominence, the root where KG children enjoy their learning activities amazingly well. The goal of school is to imbibe in the students a love of learning and instil in them a keen desire to excel in all stages of their life.

   The KG programme is well tuned to the physical fitness and mental alertness. The Montessori System of Education plays a crucial role in the child friendly environment. It is well settled and tiny tots are enjoying the learning is a 'fun loving activity.

   IIS has passed two glorious and effulgent years with meritorious achievements. Our school provides an exciting and challenging environment where the students can excel in their curricular and non-curricular activities.

   We create learning opportunities where students explore and frequently share their learning within and beyond class room.
Our curriculum is systematically planned and graded programmes are presented to the benefit of learners. This makes teaching and learning process enjoyable and rewarding experience .It will help them to build confidence and face modern challenges of life.

   Our school starts with morning assembly. It helps the children to develop their creative urges in the form of role play, skit, speech and quiz time etc. The merit of these activities is experienced and enjoyed to succeed in their career. The children learn new things from their peers.

   To bring out the technological creative of students, numerous activities are organized throughout the academic year. The school offers a comprehensive academic as well as co-curricular and sporting activities .students learn to enjoy the thrill of competition, spirit of team work and sense of accomplishment.

   We strictly follow CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation from Grade 1 to 10 instructed by CBSE. CCE aims at all round development of a child where child can nurture his talents, life skills and goals etc. It will motivate them to participate in the class room teaching and learning process with rapt attention.

   We are very much excited with the overwhelming response of our parents for activity programmes. They are the object of thrill and enjoyment for our students as well as teachers. It will mould their personality as well as nurture their dormant talents and skills. Our vision is to build creative, disciplined and dynamic leaders of tomorrow.

   Smart class with projector and interactive multimedia board in all class rooms are another invigorating step towards making learning enjoyable and rewarding one. The tech savvy students of today require more exposure to quench their thirst to keep them updated and innovative in their learning activities.

   Inter-house competitions are conducted throughout year. There is wide variety of athletic and sporting activities offered on the school campus. Coaching camps are conducted for all games. Guidance of our efficient PET teachers is available for our students.

   We have a full-fledged library, a treasure trove of knowledge house, all the students can avail the facility to expand their mental horizon.

   Our Field trips provides wonderful visual sights expose the excellence of students.

   We conduct lot of cultural activities which are wonderful fest of talents and explore their skills.

   Our prefectorial Boards: the school recognizes the need for overall enhancement of individual appointed and intrusted with responsibilities and duties they would perform. They remain focused in their endeavour to create an ideal atmosphere in school working in the co-operation with teachers.

   Various clubs have been formed and they are encouraged and motivated to perform to their full capacity by giving them intense training. English club, Science club, Math club, art club, Science club, Math club, Art club, Sports club, Literary club etc.

   The office, class rooms, labs, libraries and the campus in general are electronic surveillance.

   The service rendered by the department of counselling received applause from all corners especially from parents differently abled children.

   At present we are one of largest schools in Sharjarh.The events of the school add the lustre and beauty to the fame and glory of its reputation.