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Pace group is an umbrella group headed by Dr. Ibrahim PA as its Chairman. It manages a number of reputed educational institutions In India and abroad.

These Include:

  • PA College of Engineering, Mangalore
  • PA Polytechnic, Mangalore
  • PA First Grade College, Mangalore
  • PA Post Graduate Department of Business Management, Mangalore
  • Gulf Asian English School, Sharjah
  • India International School, Sharjah
  • India International School, Kuwait
  • Creative British School, Abu Dhabi
PACE encourages students to challenge themselves, celebrate their creativity and individuality through daily interactions In the classroom, as well as participations In many extracurricular activities.

Furthermore, professionally qualified and experienced teachers at the schools make all the difference In the life of young learners.

Soon the pace group Is going to establish Its educational innovation wing with Its own resource centre where action research will be conducted to solve the day to day problems related to teaching and learning process and to equip the teachers with the latest techniques In the field of education, which ultimately empower teachers to make teaching more learner oriented and lively.

The centre would endeavor to have qualitative Improvement In the existing schools, wherever they are, and start new schools with the latest Infrastructure by using modern techniques In education.

PACE schools keep pace AIM changing needs of curriculum for the international society.

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